Our corporate culture is about inclusion, collaboration and equal opportunities for everyone.

Equality is ensuring individuals or group of individuals are treated fairly and equally and no less favourably, specific to their needs, including areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age.

Here at Ekleft we are committed to provide equal opportunities to everyone. This commitment ensures that there is no discrimination and all the employees have same opportunities to realize their potential and aspirations.

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Take the opportunity of a lifetime.

Take the opportunity of a lifetime.

Our customers are well known global companies, leaders on the market. Our projects are large-scale implementation projects with cutting-edge technology and multinational teams of professionals. Search for the opportunities in your location. (or in location of your interest)

our job opportunities

Job opportunities

Career at Ekleft

We are always looking for talented individuals who would like to join our team. Each person is unique and valued for that. Here at Ekleft we take pride in achievements and success of our employees and aim to embrace their personality and ambitions.

Corporate university/education/trainings

Ekleft takes care of employees and invests in their education. We believe in helping our employees reach their full potential.

We offer a wide range of trainings and education programs for our staff throughout our offices. We ensure our employees receive cutting-edge technical training as well as skill building programs and experiences. Investment in education for our staff is essential for our business.

For all our new employees we offer a comprehensive induction program.

We have customized trainings for our staff.

All our employees complete appropriate technical trainings and specific trainings according to their development plan.

We offer:
  • Individual career growth plan
  • Technical assessment
  • 360 degree assessment
  • Individual training and development plan
  • Staff rotation program
  • Customized training programs
  • Language courses
  • Technical trainings
  • Soft skill management trainings
  • Customer relations trainings
  • Project management trainings
  • Access to our Corporate University programs:
  • SAP training programs:
    • SAP training program,
    • .Net training program,
    • PHP and Ruby training program
    • PMO training program
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Social benefits and people care

We make sure that our employees enjoy working at Ekleft and are taken care of. Ekleft has a comprehensive compensation and benefits system.

We provide trainings and education programs, relocation program that helps commuters, team building and other corporate events together with trips to different locations all over the globe.

All our offices are A+ category with necessary infrastructure. We also offer a remote work options for employees with access to our telephone hub and access to office facilities in 900 cities.

Our employees have access to our supplier’s services including hotel booking, airline tickets and car rentals.

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