Joint Development Center with one of the European leading retailer.

Technological expertise of executed projects













Dedicated Development Center growth dynamics

Ekleft together
with Our Client established joint Dedicated Development Center. First project of the center was integration of electronic document management system (EDI).

Online sales
market started intensely growing in 2011. Website development has begun Initially, it was a brochure style website with the information about company offers. In order to organize fully-functioning e -commerce website our specialists from Dedicated Development Center have created system catalogue description (Catalogue project). After that the automation of warehouse system and call-center system have followed.

Implementation of MS Dynamics AX with adaptation for specific needs of Client. Our developers has studied functional specificity and international experience of using similar solutions at Microsoft, in the USA.

Development of administrative panel
for Client website content management. Launch of dynamic activity. Later the «Shopping cart» was introduced for the website.

Development beginning of tablet applications
for store consultants running on Windows 10. This project had no equal in the world and was developed together with МS before Windows 10 launch. Tablet's functionality allows to atomize consultant’s workplace.

Opening of the world's first
joint Our client and an International self-service wholesaler store of shop-in-shop type in September 2015. At the moment of launch, this store has occupied about 1 thousand sq. meters.

Following modern technological trends
we developed interactive product catalogue for offline stores. The purpose of the development is to allow customer navigate through product selection on the big screen without physical interaction with it, using only hand gestures. The screen also provides information about actual location of the product inside the store .

Dedicated Development Center growth dynamics

Teams geographical locations

Projects locations

Agile software development approach

In our Dedicated centers we are practicing flexible agile development methodology. We develop the most effective software within this development methodology.

Purpose: risk minimization.
How: development through short iterative

Our priority values:

People and their interaction People and their interaction
is more important than processes and tools.

Functioning software Functioning software
is more important than detailed documentation.

 Client partnership Client partnership
is more important than contract negotiations

Responding to changes Responding to changes
is more important that following the plan

Dedicated Development Center organizational structure

Business Unit Manager

Management Associate

Product Owner/ Analyst

Technical Lead

Front-end design team

QA Team

PHP Team

.NET Team

Ruby Team

Axapta Team

Change Manager

Project: Electronic Document Management System EDI


Project Description

Introduction of Electronic Document Management System at the company of Our Client has firstly started in 2008 and had several stages. There are various types of messages in EDI. Introduction of each type of these messages is a separate task in technologies and processes.

First implemented message was ORDER in 2008 which gave access to order placement in the supplier system. Now more than 30% of suppliers are working using this mode. Before the introduction of ORDER message the product catalogue had to be synchronized.

Inventory report was lunched in 2009 - report on the items from warehouse . Some of the suppliers were interested in it from the point of view of it's own internal analytics' which provided information about the model and sales location, low-demand products and so on.

Later the INVOICE was introduced, which made possible to use and transfer file in various documents’ types. Introduction started in 2011 and lasted about half a year.

Project team

Project Manager; Developers.

Technological stack

C#, NServiceBus, Database For Objects. UI-application: WinForms with use of DevExpress components.


Reduction of labour input and data processing time . Paperwork process automation allowed to reduce number of staff by 5% and transfer them to the other roles inside the organization. The product was acquired by colleagues from Sweden.


Project: ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX

Project description
ERP AX 2012 R2-based WMS was implemented and adapted for the specific of Our Client logistics system. This solution was primarily developed by employees of joint Dedicated Development Centre. The system had been integrated within record time frame(Only 2 months). Integration stages were:

1st  stage – Trip to the manufacturer of ready program solution to the USA for detailed analysis of the functions and understanding of international solutions integration experience. At the first stage our specialists have also undergone training on working with the new product at Microsoft office. 
2nd  stage – Prototype preparation. It was also conducted in the USA. It was important to understand how proposed solution will integrate with processes of our client
3rd  stage – System revision and launch. 

Some functions of the system are: stock receiving and storage; document management; warehouse stock management and automated restocking; release order management, client shipping; shipping management; human resources management  and report formation; development of the most efficient warehouse map.

Project Team
Technological stack
.NET Framework (C#, WCF, MVC), MS Dynamics Ax (X++)
New product integration allowed Retailers to cut time of order processing and other manual tasks processing time by optimizing logistics. Thanks to the new system, approximate company savings on buys were about 10 million rubles.

Project: Shop in shop

Project description
Shop-in-shop Project — first ever joint product of two companies  - Europe's leading retailer and International self-service wholesaler has started in September of 2015 . Our Client Store space at the moment of launch had 350 sq. meters of space. The aim of the project was to improve quality of customer service due to expanded product line and additional services such as consultation on electronics and house appliances features, delivery,  installation and special loyalty programs.  Shop-in-shop stores were also created to serve corporate clients who now could order their products through special terminals locater on the self-service wholesaler premises . 

Project team
Back-end developers;
Front-end/UI developers;

Technological stack
C#, SQL Server, MongoDB

Shop-in-shop stores were firstly opened in Moscow and Ekaterinburg in the first half of the 2015 . Belgorod shop-in-shop store was opened in 2016 and  had 350 sq. meters space. 

Project: Promo & basket

Project description

Ruby projects began after the development of specific administrative panel for centralized product management, promotions and price administration at website of Our Client. Afterwards in 2013 dynamic promotions have been started (changes in product price depending on particular conditions), and in the middle of 2014 clients shopping cart was introduced).

Project team


Technological stack

Frameworks: Ruby on Rails
Technologies : Ruby, Postgersql, Redis, RabbitMQ
Testing: RSpec, Cucumber, Capybara


After the launch of administrative panel across all Russian states staff was trained on how to manage dynamic promotions. They had to use only one server now, instead of many, which has significantly simplified marketing specialists’ duties


Tablet for sales assistant

Project description

First of its kind Russian project in automation of sales assistant workspace on mobile device — tablet.
Development of the tablet application has been conducted on Windows 10. Close partnership with Microsoft allowed us to start development process long before public release of the operational system. Tablet provides remote access to product database, which enables sales assistant to order or add product to the basket. Chosen products will be delivered directly to cash desk where customer can pick it up by presenting his/her NFC chip card given by sales assistant during order process.".

Project team

Back-end developers;
Front-end/UI developers;

Technological stack

C#, .Net, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, style applications
(for windows 8).


Integration of tablets around three Russian stores, two stores in Belgorod and three more locations in Poland in 2015.