Academic degrees

Ekleft is a team of professionals with a high level of core education.


Both men and women work with IT projects regardless of the project role or specialization. Nevertheless, the number of men prevails over women- as a general tendency in IT sphere.


Most of Ekleft specialists belong to 26-40 age group. Such specialists have solid professional background and, at the same time, fresh thinking.


Ekleft specialization covers SAP, Oracle, JAVA, .NET, JDA, etc., but the main technical focus is made on SAP.

Work experience

The team consists of specialists with different qualifications. In most cases, they are professionals with experience more than 10 years and with a great number of realized projects.

Work duration in Ekleft

Consultants move from project to project, staying in Ekleft for a long time.

The ability to be creative and use an innovative approach to projects

The opportunity to approve oneself increases motivation of employees, the quality of work and self-satisfaction.